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Investing in a better world, great chocolate too...


If you're in San Francisco this week, please join my colleagues and me for our friends & family unveiling of The Hoop Fund!

It will be a really fun evening of tasty treats and an opportunity to engage a great start-up project working to connect you to the makers of products you'll love, while also helping us get our first batch of projects started with our partners, Alter Eco and Indigenous Designs!

Please RSVP

All the best,

  • When: Thursday, August 12, 6:30-8:30
  • Where: The Hub in SoMa, 901 Mission St, San Francisco
  • RSVP: Here or on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter: #theHoop and find us @Jointhehoop

Re-imagining BRINQ

Well, after yet another long, long absence finally an update. Old friends of BRINQ may have already noticed that there have been a few changes around here. BRINQ.com is now sporting an updated look (for the technically minded, I dumped html tables in favor of stylesheets… and forever hereafter say phooey to Microsoft and IE 6). There's an updated front page, a new Photo Gallery, content tags for articles on the BRINQ Bloq, as well as updated content on the information pages: the About BRINQ and What is the BoP? pages in particular.

The About BRINQ page describes what may have been obvious for some time now, BRINQ's change in focus. Although I started this site around my attempts to create business models to promote toy innovation in the BoP, I haven't been pursuing that effort for well over a year now. And although I originally intended BRINQ to become a company, most of the BoP consulting work I do is through Enterprise for a Sustainable World. So BRINQ.com has instead become more of a site to talk about my own work (and the work of my friends) in the BoP.

BRINQ Update - New Additions and the BoP Protocol Workshop

We've added a few new sections and pages here at BRINQ.

Old Friends, Powerbooks, Tar Heels, and Spring Rolls for Bridges

It's been another busy travel time for BRINQ, as we get ready for the Base of Pyramid Protocol field test in Kenya, watch Carolina regain its college basketball throne, make the leap to Apple, and build a bridge in Viet Nam with hundreds of spring rolls.

Sheri Willoughby and I headed out to Cornell for the Sustainable Enterprise Symposium, hosted by the Center for Global Sustainable Enterprise and the local Net Impact club. We got to spend quality time with people whose work I respect the most, old friends Stu Hart (Cornell), Mark Milstein (World Resources Institute), Monica Touesnard (Cornell), Erik Simanis (UNC), and Valerie Cook-Smith (Citibank). New friends Claire Preisser (Aspen Institute) and Rubens Mazon (Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil) also made the trip a wonderful one.

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