Patrick Donohue with kids in the Amazon region of Brazil

BRINQ.com is the website of social entrepreneur and BoP enterprise consultant Patrick Donohue.

Originally launched as an initiative to promote innovation in toys & play in the developing world, BRINQ now focuses on Patrick's experience working with companies and communities as they strive to create sustainable enterprises and innovations.

New Worlds at Play

Patrick's work focuses on three big, green ideas for innovation and entrepreneurship: Sustainability, the Base of the Pyramid, and Rebuilding the Commons.

Sustainability - a big word with an even bigger responsibility, sustainability encompasses an enterprise's ability to serve its most important stakeholders: people, planet, and profits. Can we create businesses that strengthen the planet, better its people, and grow at the same time?

Base of the Pyramid - originally a demographic reference for the 4+ billion people who form the base of the world's income pyramid, Base of the Pyramid (BoP) also refers to a new set of business strategies and enterprises designed to serve the world's majority... and to profit in the process.

Rebuilding the Commons - traditionally defined, a "commons" is property whose benefits are shared by a number of parties (not just the title holder). Here "commons" refers to technologies and solutions that strengthen the interconnectedness and interdependency between ourselves and our Earth-bound neighbors, with each of us benefiting as a result.

About Patrick

Patrick Donohue

Patrick C. Donohue is a business strategist and entrepreneur who focuses on innovating & launching businesses that create a better world. Patrick's work innovating new business models for the base of the world's income pyramid has taken him deep into low-income communities in the U.S., India, Kenya, and Brazil, where he has worked side-by-side with local entrepreneurs and companies to co-create new businesses.

As one of the original implementers of Base of the Pyramid Protocol, Patrick has guided and advised the BoP efforts of companies such as SC Johnson, Solae, Ascension Health, IBM and Natura, and he is a contributing author of the Protocol's 2nd Edition. Patrick's latest venture, The Hoop Fund, is a collaboration with leading Fair Trade brands to create a more connected marketplace, enabling consumers to invest in and champion the makers of products they love from the developing world.

As a software engineer, Patrick managed and developed innovative technology programs for Rockwell International, Apple Computer, and NASA. At Rockwell, Patrick led a team that was awarded the Rockwell International Team of the Year Award, and his work for NASA was nominated for a Turning Goals into Reality Award. Patrick has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.