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Occupy your supply chain - can crowdsourcing be a game changer for sustainable brands?

Sustainable Life Media

Sustainable brands have the opportunity to take advantage of this new level of connectivity with producers and consumers to do what their profit-only competitors cannot: build passionate, engaged customers around real stories of impact.

My team at the Hoop and I just had great piece published by Sustainable Life Media where we discuss how crowdsourcing is the key to unlocking massive customer engagement opportunities that only sustainable brands can master.

Millions of people across the globe have been inspired by the recent "occupy" movement that has ignited in Wall Street, a movement that at its heart is about the rights to participate, share, and have a voice in global forces shaping our lives. We believe that sustainable brands and companies investing in sustainable supply chains are a phenomenal foundation for everyday people to start participating in supply chains of products that come through our lives every day.

These companies not only have the impact that inspire real participation, but stories that can - and should - be owned and shared by everyone involved across the whole value chain: from producer, to brand, to retailer, to customer. Crowdsourcing is a unique and powerful way to enable that mass ownership.

Check out the article!

Announcing “Hoop Funds” crowd-funding "deals" for fair trade products & producers

Fund Your Sweater and wear it too

I've never done a micro-loan or groupon, but just did @JoinTheHoop. A nice shirt or present for my wife + microloan + savings. Brilliant. -Dan Ancona

I'm really excited to announce our latest offering from the Hoop: crowd-funding "deals" for sustainable & fair trade products & producers. Check out the press release below for more, and please forward it on.

SF Based Hoop Fund unveils new crowd-funding Deals campaign combining fair-trade and personal investment

The “Fund Your Sweater, and Wear it Too” Campaign does exactly what it says, it gives consumers a way to do good while getting a deal. “Hoop Fund” deals combine sustainable and fair trade products with a personal investment in the people producing them.

Thanks to a partnership with Indigenous Designs, a $25 gift on hoopfund.com gets you a $35 credit towards any Indigenous product and a $10 micro-loan towards their women weavers, a vocational training project that enables women in Peru to learn new skills and earn a higher income. Visit this deal at hoopfund.com.

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