BoP Protocol Pilot in Kenya - Photos


we've been on the ground in Kenya for over a month now, field testing the Base of the Pyramid Protocol, a process to engage local communities in creating new business opportunities. More about the Protocol and the Pilot respectively can be seen at

There's so many stories to tell, about our homestays in the BoP, Carolina for Kibera, the Kibera Youth Self Help Group, our days as trash collectors, washers, compost sifters, the fire which destroyed at least 10 homes and took one young life close to my host Edwin's homes, his heroics that night and my helplessness, Edwin's birthday, "Dr." Salim Mohammed, managing director of Carolina for Kibera, Kenyans' lukewarm reactions to the G8 and Live 8 concerts, and more.

Really, more to come soon, but here are some photos from our first several weeks in Kenya, all photos are by bwana Justin, with many more of my own and Justin's to come. Photos include visits in Kibera, one of Africa's largest shantytowns, visits with KickStart (the NGO formerly known as ApproTEC) and SC Johnson in Kisumu, Thika, and Nairobi, and more.

Sample Photos and gallery links below:
BoP Protocol Pilot in Kenya, Set 1
Bop Protocol Pilot in Kenya, Set 2