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Unleashing Competitive Imagination- the Base of the Pyramid Protocol

The BoP Protocol

How can the multinational company become the driver of an inclusive capitalism?

That's the critical question the Base of the Pyramid Protocol seeks to answer. Developed by Stuart Hart and the Base of the Pyramid Learning Lab, the BOP Protocol Project is a collaborative effort to develop guidelines and business models for successful Base of the Pyramid ventures, enabling them to meet the needs of the world's 4 billion poorest people while discovering huge new growth and innovation opportunities.

The Vision: to create inclusive, mutually beneficial business processes through which the private sector and local communities build economic, social and environmental value.

Every Toy Tells a Story

Children's toys from the developing world appear in a special exhibit of toys created by Christian Children's Fund children around the world. The collection, currently in the lobby of CCF's Richmond headquarters, features about 250 toys, each with its own story. Plans are underway to exhibit the toys in children's museums around the U.S. A doll made of rolled-up white material has a special meaning in Belarus. Some 40 years ago, the country experienced an epidemic of scarlet fever. In one of the villages, almost all the children died.

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