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Brazilian Toy Libraries Bring Out the Child in Us All

CCF Brazil has established 24 toy libraries in several rural communities which serve nearly 600 children and 300 adolescents daily. Discarded socks, aluminum cans, and corncobs may look like trash to some, but to nine-year-old Junior of Brazil, they are balls, cars, and dolls in the making.

Every Toy Tells a Story

Children's toys from the developing world appear in a special exhibit of toys created by Christian Children's Fund children around the world. The collection, currently in the lobby of CCF's Richmond headquarters, features about 250 toys, each with its own story. Plans are underway to exhibit the toys in children's museums around the U.S. A doll made of rolled-up white material has a special meaning in Belarus. Some 40 years ago, the country experienced an epidemic of scarlet fever. In one of the villages, almost all the children died.

Geppetto's Dilemma - the Decline of Traditional Toy Making in Viet Nam

Tet Trung Thu, the Mid-Autmun Children's Festival, is Viet Nam's festival for children. However, even during this old and beloved Vietnamese tradition, Viet Nam's industry of traditional toys and crafts is on the decline.

What is the most popular holiday in Viet Nam?

Playing on Empty - Toys from the Developing World

An exhibit of toys and photographs from the developing world taken by New Zealand Volunteer Services Abroad. The exhibit ran at the PATAKA Museum in Porirua City, New Zealand from July – November 2004. Text and photos courtesy of PATAKA.

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