BoP Interview at WDI

About a year ago Ted London, Director of the Base of the Pyramid research initiative at the William Davidson Institute (WDI), kindly asked me to come out to the University of Michigan Business School to do a guest lecture in his MBA class Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid. Ted was previously a professor and Director of the BoP Learning Lab at UNC while I was a student there and we had worked together on project to explore innovative business models for renewable energy technologies in the BoP. During my visit to Michigan - which also included a guest lecture for Mike Gordon's Social Enterprise: Innovation in the Information Society course - Ted also interviewed me about my experiences working in the BoP and with the BoP Protocol in Kenya.

The interview was part of WDI's Global Impact Speaker series, which includes interviews with Stuart Hart of Cornell University, Jesse Moore of CARE, Dr. Jordan Kassalow of the Scojo Foundation, Somshankar Das of e4e, and a number of others. I came across the video for the interview recently and you can see the video via the link below.

I also had lunch with a number of students to discuss career options in the BoP and was thrilled to meet up with one of the students several months later in India, where she was working on a BoP initiative of her own!

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The interview is a little under an hour.